Spring Clean Up & Recycling: This Saturday, May 6th at your Town Hall 7 AM to 2ish

Feel good and do the right thing for you, your neighbor, and your pocketbook.

If you are not personally known to a Town Officer bring ID or proof of township residency.

Refer to price list below. Exact change appreciated. Checks ok.

At these prices we must limit it to Springvale residents ONLY.

Dumpsters onsite. Once full, no more rubbish can be accepted.

**  NO early dumping. Smile! Cameras recording in HD.  **

No paint or chemicals. No radioactive material.
The County website has info on a
Household Hazardous Waste Program

Road Restrictions Are On

A firm and frozen road can carry heavy loads quite well but our precious roads become vulnerable during the Spring melt. Heavy loads can destroy a thawing road. This is why we have road restrictions. Haulers are responsible to know when road restrictions are “on” and can face hefty fines when violations occur. Needlessly ripping up a road is like taking money out of your own pocket since it is your taxes that will go up to make needed repairs.

For more info, refer to dot.state.mn.us/loadlimits

Fun Fact:

Townships maintain approximately 39% of Minnesota’s roads (over 55,000 miles), and are our largest budget expense. Springvale Township maintains 37.25 miles of these roads.

Common Duties of Your Town Board

  • Long-range planning
  • Award contracts, budget & financial affairs
  • Adopt ordinances & resolutions
  • Planning & Zoning, Development
  • Roads, bridges, culverts: inspections, maintenance, improvements, construction, snow removal, right of way, driveways, swing-away mailbox posts
  • Local property taxes & valuation
  • Elections
  • Noxious weeds
  • Fire & emergency response

As I Heard It…by Miss Informed

  • A small portion of our township is slated to receive super-fast internet (fiber to the home) because ECE received a grant. More at eastcentralenergy.com/exciting-broadband-news
  • There have been several requests for a Springvale Township Facebook Page. Membership would be limited to residents and property owners only. Information posted would be important and timely, but like our website, it would not be an official posting site according to MN State Statute. (After all, don’t we all know by now that it’s hard to think of anything on FB as official?!)
  • Some us are looking at a lot of snow on the ground. The lucky ones still have a place to put it. Pull garbage cans back beyond the right-of-way when plowing is underway. Otherwise you run the risk of the wash from the plow knocking it over. Our plows must be given the priority to clear the road edge-to-edge after a snow event. It’s not fun to think about, but this implies that on occasion your garbage pick-up may have to wait a week if your hauler is not willing to fetch the can from beyond the right-of-way.
  • Spring Clean-Up Day will be Saturday, May 6th at the Town Hall. Watch our town website for a specific price list and an alternate date, if necessary. This is a very economical and convenient way to go about your Spring cleanup.
  • Spring landscaping is nearly upon us. Pro Tip: Do not landscape or plant trees in the right of way (33 feet from the center of a township road).