Springvale (the best township ever) lies in a rural portion of central Isanti County a few miles west of the City of Cambridge. Through its 36 square miles meanders the wild and scenic Rum River. Despite its astounding natural beauty, the township’s greatest asset and resource are the 1,500+ amazing residents.

As the smallest unit of government, a township is responsible for creating, improving, and maintaining the roads ā€” as well as the rights of way thereof. Fire protection, planning & zoning, and elections round out the major duties of a town board. The Town Hall is located at the junction of Isanti County Rd 1 and County Rd 65 (one mile north of MN State Highway 95).

Our Early History

Spring Vale (note the spelling) township was established in 1870. It is said that the area received its name from the Stanchfield Creek, which runs through the community. Winding through vales and being supplied by numerous springs, the appropriate name of Spring Vale was acquired early.

Hard working Swedish immigrants arrived in 1865. By 1868 they had constructed a dam over Stanchfield Creek (near Co Rd 6 & Flamingo). This paved the way for local industry.

A mill followed in 1870. It sawed logs during the day and ground flour at night. A carding mill was built in the 1880s and was the forerunner of the Cambridge Woolen Mills. There was a general store and in 1873 a ferry service was established across the Rum River. A brickyard produced yellow-toned bricks that were used in the construction of a number of homes in the area as well as the West Riverside School.

A creamery operated for many years and a blacksmith shop founded in 1901 later moved to Cambridge.

The early pioneers had to have individual strength and the power to cooperate with each other in order to survive the hardships involved in turning a wilderness into a community. They worked hard to provide services that were essential to themselves and their families. As time went on, many of the services became obsolete or were taken over by another, larger community.